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About Us

Breaking Lines of Pressure is a female owned company based in Folsom, CA, that specializes in developing injury prevention curriculum for soccer clubs nationwide. Our mission is to address the ever rising rates of musculoskeletal related injuries in young soccer athletes that keep them side-lined. With a focus on promoting equity for all players our evidence-based strategies accommodate all levels and genders, enhancing performance, mechanics, and agility among young athletes. Join us in breaking barriers and setting new standards in US Soccer.

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Our Story

The growing risk of injuries in America's young athletes is a problem that all three of our founding partners recognize as a public health issue needing attention. While individual injury prevention programs can improve the outcomes of the athletes who have access to them, they are not equitably accessible to all. This is why Breaking Lines of pressure came to be. With an aim to transform the soccer landscape for young athletes, our personalized curriculum development allows soccer clubs across the nation to address this growing problem head on by implementing an injury prevention program straight into their soccer curriculum. This provides more soccer athlete's access to the amazing benefits of a robust and evidence based injury prevention program. 


Meet The Team

Halee Jones is a distinguished soccer coach in Northern California coaching for a nationally recognized elite soccer club. She holds a graduate degree in anthropology and a level B license through US soccer. With over ten years of experience in developing soccer curriculum for elite soccer clubs in America, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to the sport and a passion for ensuring the safety and well-being of young athletes. She is committed in providing expert guidance and support to soccer clubs so they may help young athletes achieve their full potential while minimizing risk of injury.

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