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What We Do

At Breaking Lines of Pressure, we understand the importance of keeping athletes healthy and injury-free. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing soccer clubs with evidence-based curriculum to help athletes achieve their full potential while helping them minimize the risk of injuries. We believe that injury prevention is not only crucial for an athlete's sports career but also for their mental health, confidence, and academic performance. Let us help you develop a curriculum that will help develop elite athletes with lower risk of injuries.

Young Soccer athletes on a field being c


Identify Your Club Need

In on our first meeting we will build a landscape of need taken from information gathered about your coaches and players. 


Building Your Specific Plan

Utilizing the structure of your soccer curriculum, we will create a database of resources your staff can use to implement injury prevention exercises directly on the field. 

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Coaches teaching adults on a soccer fiel


Coach Education Opportunities

We will work directly with your coaching staff to provide learning opportunities to help them understand proper body mechanics and how to course correct an athlete in the moment when they are demonstrating injury risk behaviors. 


Injury Prevention Implimentation

You are ready to head to the field to help your athletes build knowledge, strength, speed and endurance and ultimately, lower their overall risk for injury. 

coaching on a field with young soccer pl
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